How Do I Automatically Start My Generator?

How Do I Automatically Start My Generator? 0

Setting up Auto-Start on an Aurora Generator with a DynaGen Controller is simple. Here is how it works. With the generator set to "auto", it will remain on standby until PIN 7 on the din terminal block is connected to ground PIN 9.

There is no power needed here. Just a dry contact from a relay on your ATS or remote that closes a connection to start and opens it to stop. That's a two-wire start.

For advanced installations, if auto-start should happen when a "Float, Open, Battery or Ground connection is made instead, it can be configured in the DynaGen Controller Menu.



How to setup Auto Start on your generator

How do you power a water pump when off-grid?

How do you power a water pump when off-grid? 0

A Small Diesel Generator from Aurora is used to power this deep water well in the desert. It is one of many like it that are used on a large ranch to provide drinking water for cattle. The customer built a holding tank for water and uses floats to turn the power on and off for the generator that powers the water pumps.

Powering a well water pump in the desert with an Aurora Diesel Generator

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How to locate the serial number on a Perkins engine.

How to locate the serial number on a Perkins engine. 0

How to locate the serial number on a Perkins engine.

Ordering Parts for Perkins Engines

Understanding your engine plate, to make sure you receive the correct parts for your engine.

Over the years Perkins has produced hundreds of different engines – and each has a number of different variants. So how do you know the exact specification of your engine?

All the information you need about your engine is included on your engine plate – although you do need to know how to read the information recorded on it.

Engines vary according to the application and power requirements of the machine, and the components required may be different between engine variants. For example, different fan heights and pulleys mean differences in fan belts or the fitting of a turbocharger may mean different oil system requirements. Knowing the engine and serial number will enable you to decide on the exact parts you require when you need to service or repair your engine.

Engine serial numbers are found on a metal plate commonly fixed to the engine block, typically located on the left-hand side of your engine.

New Canopy Enclosure for Aurora Diesel Generators 0-20 kW

New Canopy Enclosure for Aurora Diesel Generators 0-20 kW 0

New Aurora GeneratorHere at Aurora Generators, we are always listening to our customers and looking for ways to improve our products. We've had great success with our built tough, grey, small compact diesel generators for many years. Designed for both residential and commercial markets. It was, for many customers, much more than they needed. As an emergency standby generator, it's main purpose is to sit outside, waiting for the next power failure. The doors, windows and outside features looked great, but with feed-back from customers like you, those features are not required nor used by most people.

So, in keeping with our tradition of always improving, we've done just that! We make installing an Aurora Generator easier than ever with improved access to the generator itself. The sides use a lockable latch mechanism and are completely removable. The generator frame has also been redesigned, but will still accommodate an internal fuel tank. Our new mufflers are quieter than before. We have improved airflow to reduce interior temperatures. The lighter color helps keep it cooler inside and is more ecstatically appealing.

We are sure you will love these new improvements. You can expect to see our mobile, tow-able, off-grid and commercial generators to be updated next. Stay tuned!
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What is the difference between Prime Power and Standby? 0

GenSet Rating Classifications

ISO 8528 identifies four different generator rating classifications: continuous, prime, limited-time power, and emergency standby. Many companies also  employ two additional classifications to further define the ratings for its generator products.

Continuous – As the term implies, continuous power generators are designed to provide power on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The average output of a continuous power gen set is 70 to 100 percent of the rating and is designed to provide 100-percent power for every operating hour during the year. Continuous power gensets are best used in situations where a limited amount of power load fluctuation occurs.

Prime – Prime gen sets also provide ongoing power, but unlike continuous generators that are designed for limited load fluctuations, prime generators can accommodate varying loads on an unlimited basis throughout the year. However, the average load factor cannot exceed 70 percent of the prime rating.

Limited-Time – Gen sets with a limited-time power rating are designed to operate at a maximum of 500 hours per year, although they can effectively manage an average load factor of up to 100 percent.

Mission Critical Standby – This specific rating is intended to comply with the higher standby power requirements that apply to entities such as data centers. These types of generators provide an average load factor of 85 percent, as opposed to the 70 percent offered by ESP generators.

Emergency Standby – ESP generators are designed to provide a short-term power solution when an unexpected loss of a continuous or prime power source occurs. ESP-rated generators are generally intended to operate at a maximum of 200 hours per year at an average load factor of 70 percent. Additionally, the average power output should not exceed 70 percent in any 24-hour period.

Standby – standby gensets differ from ESP units in that they are designed to provide emergency power for the duration of an outage. The average load factor of these gen sets is 70 percent, with a maximum operating time of 500 hours per year.

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What is better, gas or diesel powered generators?

What is better, gas or diesel powered generators? 0

There are many reasons to choose a diesel-powered generator over a gas powered generator. Here are a few of the main ones.

In the event of a natural disaster, gas and propane lines are usually shut down by the utility companies prevent further destruction leaving those customers who have a natural gas or propane generator with no fuel. Diesel is readily available, safe to store for long periods of time and more accessible. It used in construction, farming, heavy machinery, and transportation. Some people even make their own fuel called biodiesel. In a disaster situation when you can't depend on others to supply you with fuel, having your own safe supply of it is what often influences people to pick diesel-powered generators over gas. You can toss a lit match into diesel and will not ignite.

Unlike gas-powered engines diesel is not a solvent, it is an oil. It helps lubricate the engine as it works. It also contains more energy by volume than gases. Because of the higher energy density and increased power, engines using it are built much stronger. In return, they last an incredible amount of time, often twenty times longer.

When the power fails, and you depend on a generator to power your home or business, nobody wants to worry about gas engines that need to be serviced every two days with an oil change. Most diesel engines run for three weeks before they need one.

Some people power generators using natural gas or propane from tanks on their property. Those tanks also provide fuel for cooking and heating. It seems like a great idea at first to use the same fuel. Many don't realize how quickly that tank will empty when it is used to power a generator. That tank is often not full, to begin with so not only do people lose electric power; they lose their ability to cook and heat the home.

Dealers Wanted 0

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Dealers Wanted

Aurora will soon be moving away from direct to customer sales. Aurora has been selling direct across North Amerca since 2005. There is now opportunity to secure territories and grow your existing businesses with us. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us.

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Don’t Get Caught Off Guard Again - Think Ahead! 0

Last year (2017) was one of the worst years for hurricanes and natural disasters in the USA and the Caribbean. It appears millions of people got caught off guard and then the desperation kicked in... “We need a generator NOW” was a very popular line when hundreds of people flooded our phone lines requesting a generator that they wanted to be shipped “Today.”

Of course the stock we had on hand quickly depleted and then the long lead times came into play. Not what anyone wanted to hear.

Every manufacturer can only produce so many units at any given time and many people were told they would need to wait up to 6 weeks to get a generator. The storms continued to hit Florida, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and many other islands in the Caribbean. Some parts of Puerto Rico are still without power, four months after the storms.

You can imagine what we were dealing with as every other generator manufacturer was.

We began working overtime to get orders out within a reasonable time but we must admit, we were flooded with orders.


Why do people wait for a catastrophe to happen before they seek help?  Most people feel it will never happen to them. However, those people living in very vulnerable places such as the state of Florida, the east coast and eastern seaboard and the Caribbean already know that hurricanes happen every summer/fall.

Think Ahead!

Why not be proactive and think ahead. Plan now for what will come in the future.

This is the best time of the year to order a generator. Although we are still producing generators for Puerto Rico and other affected areas, our lead times have dropped significantly. We can have a generator at your door much sooner, so when the next storm hits, you will be prepared and worry-free. Think about your family, your business, your peace of mind.

Call Us Now!

We encourage you to call us today at 1-877-510-6807. We have sales reps ready and eager to help you size a generator that will suit your home, cottage or place of business.

We hope to hear from you soon.


The Aurora Sales Team


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Do You Require A Single or Three Phase Generator?

Do You Require A Single or Three Phase Generator? 0

There are two types of systems available in electric circuit:

  •  Single Phase - Normally for residential use  
  • Three Phase - Primarily for Industrial use


    Single-phase and three-phase generators provide power differently. The most obvious evidence of this is seen in power delivery. Both types provide AC power, but a three-phase system produces three separate waves of power, delivered in sequence. This ensures a continuous uninterrupted flow of power that never drops to zero and makes three-phase generators more powerful than single-phase generators.

    Single-phase generators deliver one constant wave of power however, the power level varies with the electrical current coming in. That means power levels can drop to zero during the cycle. This happens very quickly and is undetected by humans and rarely has an effect on whatever device is being powered. In fact, residential power is single phase and there’s never a problem powering devices in our homes. But for very large and demanding power applications, this dip can cause harm which is why three-phase systems exist.

    The easiest way to visualize these power differences is to imagine a wave. One single wave (i.e. a single phase system) starts at zero, goes up to the peak, and goes back down to zero before the next wave starts. In a three-wave system, the three waves in sequence each individually look and act the same as the single wave, but since they arrive in sequence, their total power overlaps a bit providing more power than the single phase circuit, keeping that power always above zero, and distributing the total load over three phases/waves so there is less draw on one single wave.

    It All Comes Down To Power Needs
    If you’re questioning whether you need a single-phase or a three-phase generator, you need to think about your power needs and your budget. Single-phase systems are less complex and less costly. They are more common in residential or rural applications where the loads are relatively small. Unsurprisingly, 3-phase systems are more costly to install and maintain, but depending on your power needs, they may be a necessity.

    3-phase systems are ideal for high-capacity settings which is why you usually only see them in industrial and commercial areas. Data centers, in particular, benefit from 3-phase backup generators due to the increased distribution capacity. 3-phase systems can power multiple racks whereas single-phase systems cannot.

    If your generator system will power air-conditioning units, pumps, heat pumps, well pumps, a welder’s shop, or irrigation pumps and you need assistance calculating your service size, please let us know. We will make sure you get the right size. Aurora Generators will provide this service free of charge of course. We will ensure that when your generator is built, the voltage is set. All generators are tested and load tested before leaving our factory.

    Our reps are trained to recommend only what's best for you, the valued customer. We will never try to upsell you on something you do not need. We prefer, to be honest, and gain your trust since word of mouth advertising is the best source of advertising. Call us today to discuss your generator needs at 1-877-510-6807.



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    The Most Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Home Standby Generator

    The Most Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Home Standby Generator 0

    A home standby generator is a major purchase and should be amortized over its expected life. A diesel generator can last 15 to 20 years. For most residential applications a high quality diesel generator will last a lifetime. For this reason, we recommend the purchase of a high quality Aurora diesel generator with suitable features for your application. A cheap or bargain priced generator will become an expensive lesson when they fail, or can greatly effect the safety and well being of your family.

    If you are thinking about buying a ‘Made In China’ generator or from another foreign country, do yourself a favor and consider the following:

    Many foreign country generators do not have North American required EPA approval and or fake phony environment certificates. It is difficult to verify their certificates authenticity and the foreign manufacturers know that, so they claim they have EPA approval but most do not.

    Most foreign made non-EPA compliant generators have terrible fuel economy, produce excessive emissions and consume excessive amounts of fuel. Many of the countries that make these generators are the biggest polluters on the planet and do not have, or enforce any environmental controls.

    Buying foreign generators hurts the economy here. Buying their generators not only pollutes our environment but it puts North Americans out of work, contributes to the trade deficit and devalues the US dollar

    Most foreign made generators do not carry North American electrical approval or a warranty so you will be “ON YOUR OWN” if an issue arises. All Aurora Generators are manufactured and assembled with North American approved electrical components,  and carry of the best warranties in the business. We strongly stand behind our products! 

    The DYNAGEN Controller we install on all our generators is the brain of your generator system. This state of the art controller is easy to use and will provide all the information you will need. The controller monitors all of the generators engine and alternator parameters. Including speed for hertz, engine oil pressure and coolant temperature as well as a variety of other generator functions. Engine shut down occurs if one of the threshold settings is not within parameters , or fails. Additional auto start/stop for automatic transfer switch grid tied home standby, or off grid home standby coupled with battery banks and auto start/stop inverters.    

    A generator is a mechanical and electrical device that over time will need some service and parts. We offer parts that you can order with your generator so that you will have them handy when they are required. Just ask one of our reps to include filters at the time of your order.

    Make sure you are purchasing a generator system that will be supported in the future from a company that will be there to support you. Aurora Generators has been in business since 2005 and our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always here to help when it is needed  

    Know what you intend to run with your generator and make sure the generator you purchase will handle your load. Our staff can help you size the correct size generator for your home or application.

    We look forward to talking to you and remember, you will never be pressured into buying anything from us. We will offer you knowledgeable information which will allow you to decide what generator is right for you. No one enjoys being pressured into buying anything and we would never do that. Call us today at 1-877-510-6807.





    When the power goes out in the summer months, it is easy to just go outside or hang out with neighbors and friends; having drinks and laughs before the power is restored. In the winter month's, it is not as easy especially if you have small children; pets or a newborn to deal with.Here are some tips to help you stay warm and safe:

    1) Dress in layers. Putting on multiple layers of clothing may seem obvious when the cold starts, but it's a must when your power is out. Hypothermia usually kicks in fast depending on the temperature outside. Be sure to wear hats, gloves and scarves, as well as insulated socks and shoes, to keep your body warm at all times. Since you never know just how long you will be going without any power, keeping each item of clothing on for as long as possible is highly recommended.

    2) Stock up on food and water. Your body also needs plenty of energy to keep your temperature at an acceptable level. In addition to drinking plenty of water, eating foods that have high calorie and sugar levels will provide your body with the energy it needs to stay warm when the temperatures drop down. If you have pets, be sure to have extra food on hand for them as well. Always have a supply of canned food, bottled water, batteries and pet food if you have pets. Keep your pets dressed through the cold winter months. You should keep enough food and water to last up to four weeks. 

    3) Any small openings in your house doors, garage door or window framing can quickly get that cold air into your home fast. Use packaging tape, old rags or bubble wrap to block any cracks or openings Insulate windows with plastic shrink wrap or install secondary storm windows to keep cooler air from entering your house. You can conduct a test to see if you have drafts coming into your house or trailer. Use a lighter or a candle and maneuver around your doors and windows to see if the flame blows out. Make sure you use caution when doing this and only conduct such a test when your lights are working. 


    1) Here is a ceiling fan trick you may not know about. Turn your ceiling fan on and set it to a clockwise rotation. It will redirect warmer air back down keeping you and your family below warmer. This is done of course when power is on unless you have a generator during a power outage

    2) If you have not done so already, change all your light bulbs to LED bulbs as this will save you plenty of money in your hydro bills. The price of LED bulbs have dropped a lot over the last serval months as more and more consumers switch over. It costs about 80% less to light up your home with LED bulbs instead of traditional light bulbs. The savings are incredible in return for a small investment in new LED bulbs 

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    Shipping delays to several areas due to hurricane Matthew - October 6, 2016 0

    Evacuations in the southeast due to Hurricane Matthew are resulting in multiple road closures. The storm is expected to deliver heavy amounts of rain, strong winds and the potential for severe flooding. Your Aurora Generator may be delayed in reaching you.

    Freight scheduled for delivery today or that is traveling through these areas may be delayed.

    The following locations are closed today. Delivery operations are suspended and freight destined for these locations will be held until conditions improve:

    • Florida - Miami, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando
    • Georgia - Savannah
    • South Carolina - Charleston, Myrtle Beach

    We will be closely monitoring the storm and will make adjustments with our freight carriers as needed.

    All generators that have already been shipped and going to these locations will be held in freight warehouses until it is safe to have trucks proceed to these areas.

    If you are waiting for your generator to arrive, you can call us and we will get an update from the carrier who is shipping your generator.

    All shipments carry insurance. If your freight was shipped via FedEx Freight and it arrives damaged, simply call FedEx at 1-800-Go-FedEx and they will assist you with your claim. If you have any questions regarding insurance please call us at 1-877-510-6807.


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