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Product Warranties / Purchase Sale Agreement

Purchase and Sale Agreement

Your invoice, sales receipt, sales contract and these terms of sale are to be construed and are to be governed by the law of the Province of Ontario and any and all judicial and court proceedings shall only be commenced and initiated in the Province of Ontario.

The vendor shall not be personally responsible for any damages, defects, claims and/or demands arising from the sale to the purchaser of any product. All such claims etc. shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer and the purchaser so agrees and the purchaser shall be bound and limited by the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.

Delivery Terms

Any reference made to trade terms (such as EXW, FCA, etc.) is deemed to be made to the relevant term of Incoterms published by the International Chamber of Commerce

All merchandise is sold EXW – Ex Works Aurora Generators Inc. This is in accordance to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules.  Aurora Generators Inc may charge for shipping and handling in order to facilitate the shipping process but should not be considered the buyers shipping agent or broker.

Home Owner Warranty

All generator products purchased through us are intended for home emergency standby use and personal non-commercial use.  This does not include off-grid applications. Warranted period shall be indicated at the time of purchase by either us and/or the Manufacturer. The products are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use and service during the warranty period. You shall be required to show proof of service and maintenance in order to qualify for warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage is for the original retail purchaser and nontransferable. We will repair or replace, at our option, any part that is proved to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the applicable warranty period. Warranty repairs and replacements will be made without charge for parts or labor. Anything replaced under warranty becomes the property of ours and or must be returned to us. All parts replaced under warranty will be considered as part of the original product and warranty on those parts will expire coincident with the original product warranty.

Exclusions to this Warranty

This warranty does not extend to parts affected by accident and/or collision, corrosion or rust, normal wear, wrong fuel type or fuel contamination, use in an application for which the product was not designed, unauthorized service, or any other misuse, neglect, incorporation or use of unsuitable attachments or parts. Unauthorized alteration or any cause other than defects in material or workmanship of the product will not be covered under the warranty.

Consumable parts, such as air, oil or fuel filters, fuel cut off valve, brushes, fuel injection nozzle valve, lubricant, or ignition plug, are not covered under this warranty. All expenses incurred in maintaining and replacing them shall fall on the purchaser. Damage to voltage regulators caused by failure to ground, short, sudden changes in load that result in voltage spikes or overloading a generator product will not be covered. Under this Warranty, we do not have the obligation to bear any transportation fees of any product to/from the Warranty Center.

Batteries supplied with any generator product should be considered a bonus item and not covered by warranty. Batteries can be damaged by shock, shorting terminals, heat, acid spillage and a number of other factors that can not be controlled after it has left our facility. It is the customer’s responsibility to take great care when handling items that may contain a battery so no spillage of acid will occur as corrosion or damage caused by battery acid is not covered by warranty.

RF Remote transmitter and receiver are not covered by warranty. Local signal interference, low batteries or limited range caused by environmental conditions my adversely affect its operation.

Disclaimer of Consequential Damage and Limitation of Implied Warranties

We shall not be responsible for any or all consequential damages, including but not limited to any and all financial loses, costs, expenses, work stoppages, loss of product, loss of inventory, damages to property, damages to assets, repair and/or replacement claims and /or demands whether by the purchaser and/or by any third party, arising out of the purchase and use of the equipment herein regardless of the cause of the said damages, losses, claims and/or demands. Subject to the repair and replacement terms an conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty.

To Obtain Warranty Service or Support

If you suspect or encounter a problem with your product you are required to contact us. Telephone support is available however we prefer you use e-mail for initial contact so we can investigate any issues you may have. Please e-mail

Return & Refund Policy

All sales are final.

Electrical Requirements & The Law

You must follow all laws and regulations concerning the installation and use of a electrical device such as a generator or transfer switch. You may require the services of a professional for installation and any future maintenance. It is your responsibility to use any such product safely and in accordance with any electrical and safety laws and regulations. Any necessary modifications, alterations inspections before any electrical product can be used is the customers responsibility. Please do all research before making a purchase.  Canadian customers must obtain electrical approval before any standby generator can used.